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Ant Control

One of the most difficult pests, as well as the most common, is the ant. In search of food or moisture, ants can get into your home through the smallest cracks. Workers are ants that forage in your office or home looking for food. Workers who find food can share their information with other worker bees by leaving chemical trails along the substrate when they return to their nest. This trail, which can’t be detected by humans, sticks to the substrate for long periods and aids other ants in finding the food at the end.

Wesley Chapel Pest Control Pros has the right tools and training to offer the best ant treatment and control.

Fire Ant Treatment

It’s no wonder fire ants love Wesley Chapel with it’s sunny, warm environment fire ants thrive here. Living in mounds that house at least one queen and several hundred thousand worker ants, red imported fire ants have made themselves right at home here in Wesley Chapel.

Chances are if your neighbors have fire ants, you have fire ants, as colonies love to expand and take up as much real estate as they can. Because of the sheer size of fire ant colonies, they are extremely difficult to control. Often having several queens, and up to 500,000 worker ants a colony can continue to grow even if you are able to kill a queen.

Fire ants are very aggressive, they will attack anyone or anything that comes near their colony. Fire ants are not only dangerous to humans, but your pets are at risk of getting stung as well. A lot of people think fire ants bite, they do, but only to hold on to their victim whilst they sting them with their stinger. They actually inject their victim with the venom through a stinger on their backside.

If you’ve ever been strung by a fire ant or multiple fire ants, you know exactly why they are called Fire Ants! The burning sensation from just one fire ant bite is no joke! The intense burning and itching is sure to cause great discomfort. Always pay attention to where you are walking or sitting for that matter.

The best way to ensure your Wesley Chapel yard is free of fire ants is to call your local pest control company, Wesley Chapel Pest Control Pros at 813-305-0505 for a pest inspection.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants normally build their colonies outside in areas abundant in wood. This could include unused firewood, fences, tree stumps, and other wooded structures no always used. All ant colonies have a queen, her eggs, and the young carpenter ants. This means that they will need more space for their ever growing colony.

They will build secondary nests for worker ants, and the larvae. However, this could take several years before the ants begin to build secondary nests.

Ants normally create a colony within weak wood or near mold. Ants look for these areas specifically because it makes it easier to build the colony, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t go after dry wood either.

Carpenter ants will find any little opening to make a refuge of your home; windows, cracks around doors, plumbing or electrical openings in a home. Carpenter ants could also utilize trees nearby your home to invade. All they need is a small opening, and they are in.


Most ants come in colors of red, brown, or black. Some ants have wings, and will usually come out in August. Sometimes ants will be a solid color or even contain all three colors. They come in all different sizes between a half-inch long and five-eighths of an inch.

Carpenter ants can swarm and become a bother to a home and it’s structure. It is always best to call a pest control professional to take care of them for you. When you call Wesley Chapel Pest Control Pros, we will look for the main nest along with the queen and use our knowledge of ants and which products would be most effective against these creatures.

Instead of wasting your money on DIY ant spray that never works, call a trusted source who can give you a permanent solution to your pest problem. We will give you a thorough pest inspection to ensure that we can treat your home with the utmost care. Wesley Chapel Pest Control Pros will give you the results you’re looking for.

Sugar Ant Infestations

As the heat and humidity soar during the summer in Florida, sugar ants make their presence known. Despite their small size, these tiny intruders can be a significant nuisance. As experts in pest control, we empathize with the frustration that comes with sugar ant infestations.

Understanding Sugar Ants:

Sugar ants, scientifically identified as Camponotus consobrinus, are typical household ants drawn to sugary substances and food crumbs. Exhibiting a small size and brownish-black color, these ants may appear harmless. However, a sugar ant infestation can rapidly intensify, resulting in an undesirable invasion of your home.

Behavior and Habits:

Thriving in warm climates, sugar ants exhibit high adaptability. They frequently invade kitchens, pantries, and even outdoor areas in pursuit of food sources. Remarkably persistent, once these ants locate a food or sugar source, they create pheromone trails to guide their fellow ants. This behavior leads to a procession of marching ants invading your home.

Preventive Measures:

To prevent a sugar ant invasion, it’s crucial to adopt some proactive measures:

  1. Maintain Cleanliness: Ensure your space stays clean by regularly sanitizing your kitchen, dining area, and other places where food is prepared or consumed.
  2. Secure Food Containers: Store food items in airtight containers to minimize tempting aromas that could attract sugar ants.
  3. Surface Maintenance: After preparing or consuming meals, promptly wipe down countertops, tables, and other surfaces to remove any food residue.
  4. Address Leaks: Tackle plumbing leaks promptly, as sugar ants are drawn to sources of moisture.
  5. Landscaping Care: Keep outdoor landscaping well-maintained to hinder easy access for ants into your home.

Professional Ant Control Wesley Chapel

While taking preventive measures is beneficial, there are instances when an ant infestation becomes too extensive to manage independently. This is when professional pest control services become essential. Our skilled technicians possess the expertise and tools to precisely assess the magnitude of the infestation and deploy targeted strategies to eradicate ants from your property.

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